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First edition of the Italian Armorial Register

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Italian Armorial register




by Studio Araldico Pasquini

In absence of a public heraldry register and office for familiar coat of arms in Italy, Studio Araldico Pasquini has created the Italian Armorial Register.

The main goal of the register is to promote the coat of arms of italian families so to make easier the identification of a familiar coat of arms through the represantation of the surname, of the history or the achievements of a family.

Unfortunately there is no chance to avoid that more families use the same coat of arms or emblem, or that someone literally steal coat of arms other families with the same surname (quite spread in Italy), but the register works as this doesn't happen.

The IAR (RAI) so is just a platform that register and portray the situation of heraldry in Italy and not an authority that can decide who can register what.

Apart the family coat of arms the IAR register also clergy, enterprise, bodies, property and other kind of coat of arms or emblems, apart family trees.

And apart the coat of arms there are also other emblems to register: crest, badges, insignia, mottos, rebus, ex libris, seals, flags and much more.

Not existing a national law that rules the heraldry and nobiliar matter, it's possible for everyone to add to the shield external elements like crown, helmet, supporters or other, but it's highly suggested to respect canonical and traditional heraldry rules about those elements.

After the registration will be released a registration certificate and abstract and apart on the site of the register the coat of arms will be published also in the paper version of the IAR; for more informations visit this page: https://www.registroaraldicoitaliano.com/prima_edizione.html

Founder and curator of the register is Sebastiano Pasquini, owner of Studio Araldico Pasquini, enrolled in the Expert section of the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti, Heraldry and genealogy entries.

rolled in the Expert section of the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti, Heraldry and genealogy entries.

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