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Also if italian republic doesn't recognize nobility, heraldry is still protected as every other form of personal or familiar distinction (De Cupis, "I diritti della personalità", in Trattato di diritto civile e commerciale, diretto da Cicu e Messineo, Milano 1961, p. 169).

The use of heraldry is various: in the past nobles used the coat of arms on their shields, flags, liveries, seals, buildings and on the correspondence.

Today a coat of arnms or an insignia can be used in these ways:

on business cards. headed papers, envelopes, etc
on invitations
on plates and silverware
on rings, cuff links, pins
on ties, ascot and other clothes
on seals and ex libris
on furnitures and vehicles
on flags, vessils, standards, pennons, etc
on mural paints and engravings
in digital accounts (facebook, whatsapp, linkedin, twitter, instagram, etc)

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