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N. of. reg. 585

Italian Armorial register


by Studio Araldico Pasquini


rolled in the Expert section of the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti, Heraldry and genealogy entries.

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Domestic heraldy is the heraldry applied to domestic animals, like dogs, cats or horses.

The coat of arms consist in a shield surrounded by a garter, a neck or a collar hanged to a medallion; if the family is noble the medallion and the shield are nobly crowned.

The supports will be the animals whose the coa is dedicated, or better two dogs, two cats, two horses and so on.

The coat of arms it is the same of the owner of the animals and can be used in case of tournaments, varoius events and it can be represented in the animal pedigree, on the medal, on the saddle, on the basket or on the clothes of the animal.

The emblem will be added to the family registration of the animal owner.

Below is represented a sample of a supposed dog coa.
                         Domestic heraldry

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